Meet our Team and Prostaff!

Jeremy Senkbeil, Owner

Jeremy is an outdoor enthusiast from Hart County, Georgia who enjoys hunting deer, turkey, ducks, and other wildlife. The oldest of four boys, Jeremy was introduced to hunting by his father at an early age. When Jeremy isn't hunting, he is spending time with his wife and daughter or watching sports.



Karen Higgins Senkbeil, Co-Owner

Karen grew up in Hart County, Georgia, and has always been a nature-lover. Although not a hunter, she supports Jeremy in his love for hunting and has recently embraced turkey, deer, and duck mounts in their living room!



Mikey Clark, Avid saltwater angler from Charleston, South Carolina

Everyone knows me as Mikey. Fly fishing is my passion with much love for the woods as  well. I am a firm believer in catch and release. I have been working with SCDNR and their fish tagging program for the last 4 years. I currently hold the Louisiana state record sheepshead on a fly rod at 9.88lbs. Although the woods and water are my obsession, my wife and kids come first.



Jessica Zuppan, Northeast Georgia

I am from Habersham County in Northeast Georgia and am a Certified Surgical Technologist in the Operating Room and an Exercise and Sport Science student. I am married with 2 dogs, 19 chickens, 1 duck, and 2 pigs. I grew up always being around deer hunting with my dad, brother, and uncles being hunters, but I didn’t really get into it until my late teens. I was the only girl in the family that really showed any interest in the outdoor lifestyle, so I wasn’t exactly taken seriously as a hunter. I shot my first buck at age 18 on my first solo hunt. But it wasn’t until I married the man of my dreams that hunting became a way of life for me. My husband really pushed me (currently still does) to improve my skills as a hunter. He introduced me to turkey hunting and I was immediately hooked. In addition to hunting deer and turkey, I hunt waterfowl, dove, rabbits, coyote, beaver, and fox. Hunting has single-handedly taught me more life lessons than any other experience. I am so thankful to live in a country where we have the freedom to hunt for food that God has provided for us.



Wendell Hershberger, South Carolina

'Sit right here on this stump', my dad told me as he handed me my 20ga, single shot. I was 12 years old and since that day I have been hooked on the outdoor life. I was born and raised in Abbeville SC, and trapped fox and coyotes for 10 years then fished and hunted the rest of the time. As I get older, the love of hunting does not diminish. Whether it's taking my kids to the pond to fish or spending a week in the Midwest whitetail hunting with my friends, it's a way of life. When not in a tree, you can find me building kitchen cabinets at our shop, fixing fence or working the cows on the farm. God has blessed me with three wonderful kids and a wife that also love the outdoors, and for this I am thankful.



John Smith, Northwest Alabama

I am an active Outdoorsman/Gamekeeper that loves hunting and fishing more than anything.



Katie Morgan, Georgia

I grew up hunting and fishing. My dad was an avid offshore fisherman so he fueled my love of the water. I started bow hunting a few years ago and spend most of my time with that. I have a black lab named Maggie. She is our dove and duck dog. I also have 5 chickens. I love being outside with Mags, my chickens, working in the garden, on the water and in the stand!



Wesley and Lauren Southers, Northeast Georgia

Wesley grew up in Toccoa, Ga and Lauren moved to NE Georgia from Butler, Ga (Taylor County) about 14 years ago. We have two beautiful daughters, Peyton & Baylee. We hunt and fish as a family and enjoy every aspect of the Great Outdoors! We’re avid hunters of deer, turkey & waterfowl. In addition to that we thoroughly enjoy bow fishing as well!! If we’re not in the woods, or on the water we’re spending time with our family and friends! We feel blessed to be able to provide food for our family, while doing what we love!!



Alex Malcom, Northeast Georgia

I am an avid hunter who loves the outdoors. I enjoy hunting every type of bird, but ducks and geese are my favorite. There is nothing better than enjoying a sunrise over a decoy spread. When I'm not hunting, I enjoy spending time with my wife and watching Georgia football.



Ryne Rankin, Northeast Georgia

Ryne is a former UGA Football Letterman (2013-2016) who majored in Agriculture Business as well as Agriculture Economics, but football and school isn’t the only thing he loves! He also is infatuated by the outdoors more than anything! His father Marc started taking him hunting/fishing ever since he could walk. Whether it was becoming a pro at snagging a few blue gills onto the dock with a Spider-Man pole or shooting his first deer ever with 410 single shot at the age of 7, he quickly fell in love with being an outdoorsman. If it has a pulse and can be hunted Ryne is probably out there trying to fill his tag! When Ryne isn’t hunting, he is enjoying the time well spent with his wife, Makenzie, and their Catahoula hunting dog, Grits.



Chap Bugg, Northeast Georgia

He was raised on the family farm in Colbert where his father and grandfather instilled the love of the outdoors in him. Behind his Faith and family Chap lives for chasing big Whitetails and ducks through the hardwoods and swamps of Northeast, GA.


Ashton Ruff, NE Georgia 

I was introduced to the outdoors at a very young age by my dad. He taught me proper ways of hunting, of course, but the most important thing he taught me was to appreciate and respect the outdoors as God's creation. I became very passionate about wildlife during my teenage years. I love to hunt any kind of wildlife from duck, doves, deer, turkey, etc. However, over the last few years, hunting has become less about me and more about children who are less fortunate than myself. I am very involved in an organization called the Outdoor Dream Foundation. This foundation provides hunting trips (and local hunts as well) to kids with permanent disabilities and terminal illnesses. As I always thought hunting and the outdoors was my true passion, I have quickly come to realize that these kids are where my heart is. To see their faces light up at even the sight of wildlife or the fellowship that this organization brings is a true blessing from God. 


Johnathan Hulme, Northeast Georgia

I’m Johnathan Hulme. Raised in Elbert County, I’ve either been in the woods or on the water all my life. Hunting and fishing is my passion. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing.




Travis Haley, Northeast Georgia 

Travis has been an avid fisherman for many years. Born and raised in Georgia, Travis likes to spend his time fishing on the lake and spending time with his three daughters.



Bri Carr, Northeast Georgia

My name is Bri Carr and I am from Madison County, Ga! I am currently in school to become a Respiratory Therapist. I started going to sit in a stand with my dad around the age of three. I have so many memories of sitting in a stand with my dad and a deer or a turkey walking out in front of us and him letting me shoot at it with my B.B. gun, then us going tracking for blood. I knew then I had such a passion for hunting and wanted to continue to learn more!



Garrett Bastón, NE Georgia

At a very young age I was introduced to hunting and fishing by my father, who has taught me more about the outdoors than I’ll probably ever be able to remember. I have a love for singing and songwriting and play shows from South Carolina to Georgia. Though I love music, my true passion is the outdoors. I’ve turkey hunted from Georgia to Florida and duck hunted all the way up to North Dakota. Whether I am flushing quail over a bird-dog or catching catfish on the river, I feel most at home when I’m outdoors. Though I enjoy ending the day with my limit, I have learned through the years the best thing about being outdoors is the friendship and fellowship you have while you’re there. The memories I’ve made and look forward to making are some that will last a lifetime.


Chad Payne, Georgia

Growing up as a son of a former police officer I was taught at a very young age about hunting, fishing, and the outdoor world.  Following in my late dads footsteps I was a police officer for over 21 years.  Retiring at an early age, I now work as Director of Security Operations for the Zac Brown Band traveling all over the world.  I have coached a travel baseball team for several years and just recently took a part time position as head JV coach at a local high school.  My off time is spent with my wife, Kara, and son, Wyatt.  Go Dawgs!



Chase Adkins, Georgia

I am Chase Adkins from Powder Springs, Georgia. All I do in life is play baseball and hunt. I played baseball for the University of Georgia and now currently play baseball for the Los Angeles Angels. I am a Terry Business Grad at the University of Georgia as well. I have been hunting till the time I could walk and have been guiding for the past 5 years now. Duck hunting is my passion now and I love every minute of it. 



Chad Adkins, Georgia

I am Chad Adkins from Powder Springs, GA. I grew hunting on a family farm outside of Macon, Ga with my brothers since I could walk. Soon it would turn into a huge passion of mine. We continue to hunt that 200 acre farm as well as hunting down in South Georgia chasing whitetails. We travel out west to chase greenheads as soon as the season hits. We recently just got back from North Dakota and soon will be in Kansas and Arkansas. Every hunting season is a huge excitement for us enjoying with people that have the same passion for it.



Will Townsend, Northeast Georgia

I’m a Sheriff’s Deputy from Northeast Georgia, but when I’m not fighting crime you can find me in the great outdoors!  Bow hunting is my true passion, but being in the duck blind comes in a close second.  When I’m not hunting I enjoy spending time with my wife, Lauren, and my three pups at home.



Daniel Phillips, Northeast Georgia

I currently work as a pharmacist in my hometown of Hartwell, Georgia and spend most of my time outside of work enjoying the great outdoors. My love for the outdoors started at a very early age tagging along with my grandaddy chasing longbeards all across Northeast Georgia. I love all types of hunting, but deer and turkey hunting are the two that stand out above the rest to me. My true passion is managing our farm to provide the best habitat and nutrition possible for a healthy deer herd and to grow big whitetail bucks. There is nothing more satisfying than harvesting a mature buck that you have watched grow over the past 3-5 years thanks to your hard work. I'm a member of the Quality Deer Management Association and strongly believe in their management practices. Let those young bucks grow! Go Dawgs!!


Greyson Whitton, Georgia 

I attend the University of Georgia and enjoy everything to do with the great outdoors. I’m an avid waterfowl hunter, but also enjoy hunting turkeys and deer as well.



Cory Bowers, Northeast Georgia 

I am Cory Bowers and I live in Hartwell, GA. I have a huge passion for hunting ducks. It’s just something about seeing ducks work a decoy spread or even the quickness of a wood duck coming in on top of you. I also have a strong love for Labrador retrievers. There’s nothing better than getting to hunt with man’s best friend and to see how incredible smart they are. I also enjoy deer and turkey hunting.



Dale Sanders, South Carolina 

I’m from Hartwell, GA, but now live in South Carolina. I volunteer with a men's ministry called Ironman Outdoors and we lead hunting/fishing retreats all up and down the eastern part of the US. I enjoy all types of hunting, but if I could only pick one type of hunting it would be duck hunting for sure. I have a passion for introducing young kids to the outdoors, that way they can carry out the tradition of hunting.



Logan Gunter, Northeast Georgia

I was born and raised in Watkinsville, Georgia and I am a Certified Medical Assistant at a doctor's office. I grew up around fishing with my Dad and I was introduced to Bow Hunting several years ago and have loved it ever since. I love the outdoors and enjoy all types of hunting and fishing, but when I am not doing that you can find me spending time with either my family or my friends!



Shane Turpen, West Georgia

My name is Shane Turpen. I was born and raised in West Georgia and am an avid outdoorsman. My love for the outdoors started when I returned home from Afghanistan in 2013. My passion is chasing whitetails but I also enjoy hunting ducks in the Winter and turkey in the Spring. If I’m not hunting, I’m fishing. If I’m not hunting or fishing, I’m thinking about one or the other! I am thankful for every opportunity the Good Lord gives me to do what I love.



Jessica Shipp, Texas

My name is Jessica Lane Shipp. I’m from the very northeast corner of the great state of Texas! I live on a small 2 acres surrounded by the piney woods far away from the city. We have 27 chickens, 2 cats and a dog. My boyfriend Earl, and I have a burning passion for the outdoors and everything that has to do with the outdoors. We are both avid bow hunters and also enjoy hunting other game and fishing. When it’s not deer season we have a huge garden and we fully believe growing your own food and knowing where your meat comes from is the way it should be. Nothing makes me feel more blessed than being able to harvest an animal that I know we will be able to eat for a long time! 



Chandler & Dalton Edge, Georgia

Chandler & Dalton Edge live in Perry, GA. Chandler is attending graduate school for Occupational Therapy and Dalton is an Electrical Engineer at Flint Energies. 

Chandler and Dalton met in college at Mercer University and have been married since May 2017. They love everything outdoors, from hunting deer, hog, turkeys, alligators, and coyotes to ducks, pheasants, dove, and quail. 



Brock Callahan, Northeast Georgia

My Name is Brock Callahan and I live in Athens, GA.  I have a passion for the Outdoors. I grew up hunting with my Grandfather and Uncle. If I’m not hunting, you can find me fishing on the lake or the ocean. 



Dawson Thornton, North Carolina

My name is Dawson Thornton, I was born and raised in North Carolina. I have a beautiful wife, Kaitlyn which I was lucky enough to introduce to my outdoor passion. I am an avid hunter who enjoys spending time outdoors. My job tittle is a land management technician , I maintain hog wastewater for farmers here in the Carolinas. Growing up my dad introduced me to hunting at a very young age, needless to say I fell in love. Hunting is a thrill like no other. I enjoy all types of hunting and fishing!



Jackson Nichols, Northeast Georgia

I am from Rabun County Georgia and attend North Georgia Technical College for welding and fabrication. I am an avid hunter and fisherman in the time I’m not working or at school. I love deer hunting in the Fall, and chasing long beards in the pines early Spring. When I’m not hunting you can find me on the lake catching big Spring time beaded bass or Summer time bass out deep. 



Mitchell Chadwick, Northeast Georgia

Hey everyone, my name is Mitchell Chadwick and I am from Danielsville, GA. Starting at a young age my father introduced me to the outdoors and the fellowship that becomes of it. It’s hard to compare sitting in the woods or listening to whistling wings in the marshes of Coastal GA watching the sunrise. That’s God’s handy work at its finest! Spring turkey season is by far my favorite time of year and you can catch me on the public lands of Georgia chasing a Longbeard.



Tyler Goninen, Wisconsin 

My name is Tyler Goninen and I am from Blanchardville, Wisconsin (population 802). From an early age my dad would take me and my brother out into the fresh combined Ag fields and thick hardwoods for the annual Wisconsin gun season. That passion for chasing whitetails has grown into an obsession. Although whitetails are my favorite animal to chase, I can’t seem to keep myself out of the woods. From chasing spring gobblers, to making the trips out west for big game, the outdoors is where I feel most at home. This is truly a family sport and tradition that my son and daughter are already partial to.



Brenton "Buck" Edwards, Middle Georgia

I have a passion for the outdoors. I love to bass fish in the summer and duck hunt in the winter. I am from Jones County in Middle Georgia. I grew up deer hunting and catching any kind of fish that would bite. In the woods or on a lake is my happy place. I am very thankful for God’s beautiful creation. 



Michael Mixon, South Carolina 

I have duck hunted for years, but just recently in the past few years have taken on deer hunting thanks to my fiancé’s father. Nothing gets me more excited than the great outdoors.



Jacob Fife, Northeast Georgia

My name is Jacob Fife and I grew up in Hartwell, Ga. where being in the great outdoors was an everyday thing. I love anything outdoors whether it be hunting or fishing, but hunting for Waterfowl is my calling. I am a hardcore Waterfowler hunting in the harshest climates and doing whatever it takes to find the birds. Hunting for Waterfowl is in my blood and watching the sun rise every morning over a spread and watching God’s creation come to life each and every morning is a feeling like none other.



Kam Willis, Northwest Georgia

I’m from Adairsville, a small town located in Northwest, GA. I grew up hunting with my father and fishing with my grandfather. I now have a family of my own - wife, Dayna and two sons, Jackson and Judson. We all are avid outdoor people. We hunt hogs, deer, doves and pretty much anything else we have the opportunity to. We also enjoy camping and fishing. I’m a full time firefighter with 17 years of service.



Tyler Carver, Suffolk Virginia

I grew up in Southeast Ohio, hunting and fishing every chance I was given. Whether it be with Friends or Dad, I found my passion for the outdoors. Joined the military when I was 19 and I’ve been stationed in Virginia ever since, still hunting and fishing each chance I get.



Trey Gearing, Northeast Georgia 

My name is Trey Gearing and from Madison County, Georgia. Bass and striper fishing is my passion. Right now I fish local tournaments, but my dream of course is to become pro one day. I love to spend time with my family. I take my papa fishing with me a lot. Me and him always have a blast and I’m very thankful and blessed I’m able to do that.



Molly Williams, Middle Georgia 

My name is Molly Williams, and I am a Kindergarten teacher in Milledgeville, GA. Living in Milledgeville has given me a passion and love for the outdoors. When I’m not in the classroom, you can find me on the Oconee River or in the swamp. I love the thrill of a good turkey hunt, deer hunt, and enjoy getting rid of pesky hogs! I’m always up for a good fishing trip as well. 



Mason Mallard, Northeast Georgia 

I have been hunting and fishing since I was three years old. I spend almost every weekend in the woods, on the boat, or in a duck blind. If I’m not hunting or fishing I’m working on hunting property or reading fishing reports. I am active in the UGA ducks Unlimited club and the NWTF at UGA as well.



Jackson Tucker, NE Georgia

Raised in Watkinsville GA, I have been influenced by the outdoors by my grandfather and my dad my whole life. I love marching through the Georgia swamps for those Wood Ducks. If it is not hunting season you can find me with my rod on a lake or pond any day. It truly is my passion to be in the swamp or on the water.


Colby Sarvis, South Carolina

Colby Sarvis here, born and raised in the fields of Nichols, SC, I now reside in Florence, SC. I grew up hunting and fishing with the greatest family and friends dating back to age five where I harvested my first wood duck. I am primarily a turkey hunter in the spring and a waterfowl hunter in the fall and winter. Few things bring me joy in life like the whine of a wood duck, a old tom sounding off at daybreak or the whistle of goldeneye wings echoing through a canyon. I’m lucky to have a loving fiancé and great family who pushes me to pursue my dreams and enjoy the things I love to do most in the great outdoors. Every sunrise is special, so make the most of each and every one!


Andrew Welch, Rabun Gap, Georgia 

My passion for the outdoors started as far back as I can remember. I’m 41 years old and I don’t remember a time not being outdoors. I’ve always loved to trout fish and deer hunt but in my late teens I took up tournament bass fishing. I’ve enjoyed doing that ever since. I fish a couple of local clubs as well as the boating Atlanta skeeter bass challenge. I also fish any open tournament within reasonable driving distance when time allows. 
I also really enjoy bow hunting in the fall. I’m a member of whitetail haven hunting club in Wilkes county GA. I have been married to my best friend Jessica for 20 years and we have a daughter who just graduated high school. Both of my girls also enjoy the outdoors as well. I’m a very blessed guy to live the life I do! 


Terry Middleton, Hartwell, Georgia

I reside in the Reed Creek community of Hart County. You can sum up my living by a Hank Williams Jr. lyric, “I live back in the woods you see. The woman and the kids and the dogs and me.” 2 kids, 2 dogs and a wonderful girlfriend. I was introduced to the great outdoors at the early age of 13 by my grandfather. Took my first deer soon after that and in that instant, I was hooked. 31 years later, I’m still at it! I introduced my girlfriend, Makenzie, to hunting this year and she was able to take her first kill, being two deer with one shot. Needless to say, she is now hooked as well. To me, the hunt is not all about the kill but more of enjoying God’s creations and feeling free. I’m blessed to be able to go out and do what I enjoy. Every year I donate one deer to Hunters for the Hungry to help those in need of a meal. Besides being an avid hunter, during the off-season Makenzie and I spend a lot of time on our Harley Davidson. When we’re not enjoying taking on the mountain rides alone, we get involved in benefit rides to help families in need of finances. Whether it’s in the woods or on two wheels, we enjoy the outdoor living!



Bryson Gilbert, Texas

From a young age my parents had me on the water or in the woods. Following my freshman year at Texas Tech I took a summer job as a deckhand in Seward, Alaska. 4 years later I am graduated and the Captain of a charter boat. Hunting and fishing have been a major part of my life, and the passion is still growing. 


Cameron Loving, Oklahoma

I grew up in southwest Oklahoma huntin' and fishin' so early I couldn’t tell you the story of my first fish or the first shed I found, but I’ve accumulated many stories from the lake or the woods along the way. I find myself sitting in a tree or on the lake not only after a big buck or a double digit bass but after the perfect moment when a well thought out plan comes to fruition. I'm getting a head start on a film full of memories I can one day play over and over in my head from an old rocking chair on my porch. When not in the woods I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Along with the adventures small or big my girlfriend Riley and I stumble upon. Y’all keep your eyes peeled for us boys down in Oklahoma.