Scout Four Outdoors Double Reed Duck Call - Red/Black

We have teamed up with Land'n Gear Calls to bring you an affordable, custom poly double reed duck call.


The Imposter (Double Reed) call can get very loud and take a lot of pressure, but can get very low for some nasty chatter, chuckle, and squeals. We wanted these calls to have the ultimate range and be able to perform no matter what the caller puts it through. The single reed has a bit more "pop" and "hold", while the double reed is a bit more consistent, showing less mistakes for less experienced callers.


          Our goal in business is to offer the absolute best quality product on the market for the cheapest price possible. That includes durability, sound quality, performance, and customization. Plastic calls are definitely the cheapest material to manufacture game calls with and are very durable, but they have many problems producing the crisp, clean sound that everyone is looking for. Resin, wood, and acrylic are other materials that people use for making calls that have a much better sound quality, but they are more expensive to make. 

          So, the best viable solution? Combine them. Our poly calls have a polyethylene-glycol barrel and exhaust. This accounts for 90% of the structure of the call so you get the durability and the cost-savings there. Our toneboard (the most essential component to sound and performance) is made of our 3D printed resin. This makes for the ultimate duck call in terms of cost, durability, and performance. 

 - Land’n Gear Calls 


$40.00 $45.00

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